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Board of Directors & Staff

Photo © Tony Powell. Cornerstone Portraits. May 15-23, 2017

Geoff Gonella


Cornerstone Government Affairs

I am proud to support the CBN-MC because it is an organization that understands the importance and promotes the many benefits of Catholic education.  Is there anything more important to the next generation than a quality catholic education?   I certainly don’t think so and neither do the broad and diverse group of professionals throughout our community that participate in the CBN-MC.

Meagan S.

Meagan Sexton

Vice President

Edward Jones Investments

Having the chance to help students experience the Catholic education I enjoyed makes taking time to participate on the CBN board worth it. CBN is also a great place to catch up with our Catholic community in Montgomery County.

Andrew R.

Andrew Ryan

Immediate Past President

CarePlus Home Health

I have had many connections and teachers in my life with a strong Catholic influence and faith that paved the roadmap of my life.  The coaches in CYO basketball, my mother who worked for Catholic Charities as a social worker, my mentor: Carolyn and my wife: Kristen. I want to give back my time and resources to help guide and pave the road for future generations including my children and their children.   To receive the guidance, love and lessons that I received from God.

Ana Chapa

Ana Chapa

Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School

CBN brings mission minded business people together to support Catholic education. As the director of a Catholic school work study program I have always felt at home with other CBN members. We are all working to make our community stronger by connecting well run businesses and supporting people (students and professionals) on their faith journey.


Anne Gemunder

St. Martin of Tours Catholic School
Our mission states, “Education changes lives, be part of the future.” I have seen firsthand the positive
impact of a Catholic education. It does indeed change lives. Successful area businesses are a key to being
part of that future. My goal, as a CBN-MC board member, is to help build business relationships that
benefit both our companies and the Catholic students we support. Join us and help us in our efforts!

Bill G.

Bill Gessner

Exchange Solutions Group

There’s no one reason I take time out of my somewhat hectic life for CBN-MC.  It’s the smile on the face of scholarship winners, and the joy in the eyes of their parents, principals and pastors.  It’s the sense of pride on the face of longtime volunteer coaches who didn’t ask for, or expect, recognition.  It’s the quiet thanks from elementary schools for the grants CBN-MC awards every year which mean so much to each school.  It’s the thanks I’ve never heard, but have felt, from anonymous need based scholarship winners and their families.  It’s the fellowship at CBN-MC breakfast meetings, receptions, board meetings, and Gala.  It’s the new faces introduced at some point by CBN-MC, and now a part of my life as friends and business associates.  Most of all, it’s the satisfaction of being a small part of CBN-MC’s effort to assist children to receive a Catholic education they might not otherwise have obtained.


J.B. Gerald

Washington Jesuit Academy

As a Jesuit educator service is extremely important and goes hand in hand with the CBN-MC's mission.  A mission to provide resources and opportunities for students in the Catholic School Network.  Children are the future, and a quality education is paramount.  I am extremely excited about being a part of the Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County and contributing to its’ mission “Education changes lives, be part of the future.”

Pete H

Pete Hodgson


For me it is very simple: I am a product of Catholic Education, my wife is a product of Catholic Education and my children are products of Catholic Education.  It is so important to reinforce the Catholic values that we learn at home, by attending Catholic school.  I feel blessed to be a part of an organization whose mission is to support Catholic education.


Ana M.

Ana Morales

United Bank

CBN allows me to meet, network, and  forge lasting relationships with  business men and women in our community of similar faith and values.  CBN’s commitment  to supporting Catholic education is an equally important part of why I serve as a Board Member.

Chris Maloney

Chris Maloney

Saint John's College High School

I support the Catholic Business Network because its purpose is plain and pure: to serve students in Catholic school in need of support in whatever that may take. I have been privileged to work in Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Washington for 24 years. I have seen the impact of the Catholic Business Network's mission on a daily basis. What CBN does matters to so many. It is an unalloyed grace to work with this group.


Joe Powers

The Woods Academy

Supporting our great Catholic schools and the students who attend. That is why I serve on the board at the Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County.

Anabel Q.

Anabel Quintero

MV Financial

I am a firm believer that Catholic education gives children a better environment in which receive an education and helps instill strong core values that last a lifetime. My sister and I were unable to continue with our Catholic education as children due to financial constraints. My faith and passion keep me grounded and call me to help when and where I can which is why it is an honor to serve on the CBN Board of Directors. I also enjoy being involved in a business community of like-minded people that encourage, support and truly care about each other.

IMG_9157 4x5x100

Alice Kelley Scanlon

Anderson Quinn

As a proponent and product of Catholic education, I was drawn to the mission of CBN of connecting Catholic schools, families and businesses while also providing opportunities for networking and supporting local businesses.   All three of my children attended Catholic schools and by supporting CBN, I hope to ensure that others have those same opportunities.

Joe Barton

Joe Barton

Cornerstone Government Affairs

I was drawn to CBN because of it’s a great community of people committed to promoting Catholic education.  Over the years I have found CBN-MC events, especially the monthly breakfasts, to be great opportunities for fellowship.


Julie Beavers


The work that CBN does to help our local Catholic Schools is the main reason I work for the Catholic Business Network. In addition, getting to know the members of this organization has been a wonderful bonus.  I always enjoy seeing the smiling faces of our members and guests at the Friday breakfasts and evening receptions.

IMG_3228 (1)

Patty Hodgson


I enjoy helping The Catholic Business Network because I value Catholic education. My husband Pete and I understand the sacrifice that is entailed in choosing Catholic education, as we sent our children to Catholic schools. We fully support the CBN for what they do to provide families some assistance to help them make this same decision.