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Board of Directors & Staff


Greta Vento



I like the overall purpose of the organization and I believe in the importance of Catholic education, the deep spiritual immersion and the academic excellence that it fosters to every student. Families work hard to cover the cost of tuition and I love being part of a community that provides opportunities for more families to have access to Catholic education and their lifelong benefits

Joe Barton

Joe Barton

Immediate Past President

Cornerstone Government Affairs

I was drawn to CBN because of it’s a great community of people committed to promoting Catholic education.  Over the years I have found CBN-MC events, especially the monthly breakfasts, to be great opportunities for fellowship.


Patrick Rafferty

Vice President

RaffertyWeiss Media

I appreciate the CBN-MC community for all the work they continue to do to support families in Montgomery County who value a Catholic education. I am honored to be part of a generous community that helps others who might not have enough resources to send their children to a catholic school.


Susan Apgood

4media group Inc.

I appreciate CBN because I love getting to know business leaders in our area that I can share ideas with that have the same strong Catholic values I do. I am in support of Catholic education as I went to Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School in South Orange, NJ. My three boys went to Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda, and now go to Georgetown Preparatory School.

Jeanne Donatelli_ (002)

Jeanne Donatelli

St. Jude Regional Catholic School

Being a board member is truly a blessing.  My goal as the principal liaison is to strengthen the relationship between CBN and the principals.  The support of the CBN is vital as they provide the opportunity for scholarships for the students and grants for the schools.  Being on the board allows me to share the importance of a Catholic Education both spiritually and academically to the board members and to the wonderful donors.

Photo © Tony Powell. Cornerstone Portraits. May 15-23, 2017

Geoff Gonella

Past President

Cornerstone Government Affairs

I am proud to support the CBN-MC because it is an organization that understands the importance and promotes the many benefits of Catholic education.  Is there anything more important to the next generation than a quality catholic education?   I certainly don’t think so and neither do the broad and diverse group of professionals throughout our community that participate in the CBN-MC.


Courtney Lodico

DCA Imaging

CBN supports Catholic schools and the academic foundation they provide their students. In addition to rigorous academics, the schools teach Catholic values, morals, and social justice. I believe that kids need, and benefit from these fundamental principles of our faith.

I am proud of the work that CBN does to provide scholarships, grants, and programs to promote Catholic schools. I also enjoy the friendships and business relationships I have made through my membership in CBN, and the Catholic business community.

Joe Marvin

Bearfoot Ventures

I was raised to be a Man for Others, and I owe a lot of gratitude to my Catholic up-bringing and education. The CBN-MC focuses on strengthening our community and bringing people together, which is why I was excited to join the Board’s mission. Through social service, my goal is to continue building relationships further develop opportunities in our community.



Tommy McCloskey

Palm Facility Services

As a product of MOCO Catholic schools (Holy Redeemer and Gonzaga), I can personally attest to the value that these schools provide, not just academically but in developing the faith of its students. I am proud to support CBN as an important partner in our community so that other children can receive the same solid foundation that I received…allowing them to thrive throughout their lives.


Gustavo Matheus

Feldesman Leifer LLP

CBN-MC changes lives by connecting members of our business community, regardless of affiliation. Even better, this wonderful organization changes the lives of young people by supporting excellence in education, and doing so within the context of faith.  As a member of the Board, I will continue to connect local businesses, and help them support the education of young people in our community.

Ana Morales CBN-MC

Ana Morales

United Bank

CBN allows me to meet, network, and  forge lasting relationships with  business men and women in our community of similar faith and values.  CBN’s commitment  to supporting Catholic education is an equally important part of why I serve as a Board Member.

Anabel - headshot

Anabel Quintero

MV Financial

I am a firm believer that Catholic education gives children a better environment in which receive an education and helps instill strong core values that last a lifetime. My sister and I were unable to continue with our Catholic education as children due to financial constraints. My faith and passion keep me grounded and call me to help when and where I can which is why it is an honor to serve on the CBN Board of Directors. I also enjoy being involved in a business community of like-minded people that encourage, support and truly care about each other.

IMG_9157 4x5x100

Alice Kelley Scanlon

Anderson Quinn

As a proponent and product of Catholic education, I was drawn to the mission of CBN of connecting Catholic schools, families and businesses while also providing opportunities for networking and supporting local businesses.   All three of my children attended Catholic schools and by supporting CBN, I hope to ensure that others have those same opportunities.


Tim Schofield

Ruppert Landscape

I enjoy the sense of community that CBN has. Throughout my involvement It has been great to have people to connect with for business or personal inquiries.  Ruppert has been involved for many years in CBN and personally I have been involved for about 18 months.

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Mary Anne Besche


It is a great pleasure to work with the CBN-MC board in providing students with scholarships for their Catholic education. I was a single parent that put my two children through catholic schools and I know how difficult it can be. It is very rewarding to know that CBN-MC's fundraising and networking can make a difference to the families in our community.