Volunteer of the Year

Sr. Kathleen Weber has been providing caregiver support services in Montgomery County for more than 20 years. In 1992, she founded the Holy Cross Caregiver Resource Center, which offers caregiver support groups, caregiver education classes, a telephone helpline, a newsletter, and a resource library for caregivers in need of support and information. All services are provided free of charge. The Holy Cross Caregiver Support Center was one of the first of its kind in the state and others have tried to replicate it.

Sr. Kathy works full-time and has approximately 400 encounters per month with caregivers in need of support and information. She has an open door policy and also assists colleagues and other senior care professionals. Sr. Kathy has been honored for her work by the Alzheimer's Association and Holy Cross Hospital. She has received countless letters from caregivers thanking her for her support and guidance over the years.

Caregiver stress and feelings of isolation often lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness. Sr. Kathy has made it her life's work to alleviate some of the burden and provide a venue for caregivers to openly share feelings and bond with others in similar situations. She is frequently referred to as a "lifeline" and caregivers are regularly overheard saying, "I wouldn't have made it through this experience without Sr. Kathy."

Sr. Kathy is a true humanitarian and a treasure to our community.