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Hall of Fame Coaches

CBN-MC Youth Coaches Hall of Fame

Each year, the CBN-MC gathers to honor a group of youth athletic coaches and volunteers who have made extraordinary contributions to the CYO and other youth athletic programs throughout the area. To be considered for this award, each honoree must have at least five years of volunteer experience in the CYO and other youth sports programs for which they are being nominated.

This year’s gathering will be held on Wednesday, October 9th at 8:00 a.m. In addition to presenting each of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, we will be joined by a guest speaker. Previous guest speakers have included such Washington, DC area sports personalities as Mark Turgeon; Steve Howes; Mike Lonergan; Rick "Doc" Walker; Jimmy Patsos; Johnny Holliday; Thom Loverro; Dan Harwood; Howard Blue; Mike Jones and Chris Knoche.

Nominations close July 31, 2024, and the form can be found Here.


Award Winners


  • Tim Mullin, Blessed Sacrament
  • Joe Reyda, Holy Redeemer
  • Catie Skibo, St. Jane de Chantal 
  • Brendan Quinn, Our Lady of Lourdes


  • Kathy Gillespie, Blessed Sacrament
  • John Hughes, St. Bart’s
  • Mike McCarthy, Blessed Sacrament
  • John Nalls, St. Jane de Chantal


  • Sean Falvey, Our Lady of Mercy
  • Matt Kaluzienski, St. Mary's
  • Tom Williams, Blessed Sacrament
  • Tony Zanger, St. Bernadette's


  • Paul Brown, Holy Family
  • Michael Noonan, Holy Redeemer
  • Chris Worch, St. Elizabeth


  • Mary Beth McLoughlin, St. Jane De Chantal
  • Patrick Smith, St. Bernadette
  • Chad Thompson, Our Lady of Mercy


  • Mark Dunigan, Holy Redeemer
  • Brian Edwards, St. Elizabeth
  • John Feeney, Mary of Nazareth


  • Scott McGraw, St. Raphael
  • Robert McMillin, St. Martin of Tours
  • Pat Williams, Holy Redeemer


  • Missy Carr, St. Jane de Chantal
  • Jim Clark, St. Mary's
  • Dan Howley, St. Elizabeth


  • Kerry Durst, St. Raphael
  • Roger Kimiecik, St. Mary's
  • Jack McGuinness, Little Flower


  • David Long, Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Kirk Bell, St. Raphael
  • Howard Blue, Washington Jesuit Academy


  • Claire Hannan, St. Mary's
  • Mike Landi, St. John the Baptist
  • Vince Teis, St. Bartholomew


  • Gerry Blackwell, St. Mary's
  • Patrick Connaughton, St. Martin
  • Joe Roach, St. Elizabeth


  • Dan Barry, Little Flower
  • Bob Hartwick, St. Peter
  • John Holmes, St. Ann


  • Michael Crilley, Blessed Sacrament
  • Gil Digioa, St. Elizabeth
  • Jack Railey, Blessed Sacrament


  • Chris Kernan, St. Ann
  • Steve McCartin, St. Bernadette
  • Frank Perry, St. Mary


  • Rick Baumgartner, St. Bernadette
  • Carl Wilkerson, St. Jane de Chantal
  • Kevin Dowd, St. Elizabeth


  • Patti and Eddie Ribas, St. Jude
  • John J. McCarthy, St. John the Baptist
  • Rory S. Coakley, Chair of CBN-MC Youth Coaches Hall of Fame (2000-2007)


  • Buddy Burkhead, Metro Police Boys & Girls Club, St. Albans, and DeMatha High School
  • Gregory Dyer, St. Jane de Chantal, Holy Redeemer, The Apostles, and founder, Victory Youth Centers


  • Thom J. Manco, Archdiocese of Washington CYO Athletic Program


  • Christopher Newkumet, St. John the Evangelist
  • Peter White, Boys Club and American Legion Baseball
  • Jim Hodgson, Blessed Sacrament and St. Elizabeth


  • Dorry Barry, St. Bernadette
  • Paul G. Hunter, Bethany Beach, DE
  • Jack Campbell, Shrine of St. Jude


  • Jim Kernan, St. Ann
  • Michael and Nora Giller, St. Catherine Labouré
  • James R. Kuzma, Shrine of St. Jude


  • Donald L. Hathway, St. Jane de Chantal
  • Bill Taylor, St. Anthony Parish
  • Jack Buchanan, Holy Redeemer
  • Patricia Langworthy, Girls and Young Women


  • Jaennie M. Ridgway, St. John the Baptist and St. Elizabeth
  • Cal Bowser, Shrine of St. Jude
  • Jerry Miller, Shrine of St. Jude and St. Bernadette
  • Kenneth LaVern, Maplewood Sports Association