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Scholarships & Grants

Since we began in 1993 CBN has raised $1,300,000 for Catholic schools in Grants and Scholarships through the generosity of our member and supporters, much of what is donated at our Awards Gala In November. The awards are given at our Scholarship Breakfast the second Friday in April. This event brings together winners and their families, principals, pastors, teachers and CBN members who see your mission of supporting Catholic schools come alive. Hope you can join us this year.

CBN-MC Grants are open to all Montgomery County Catholic elementary schools, and to Catholic elementary schools whose parish serves Montgomery County. To receive a Grant, each school must complete the Application Form at the link below. The description of your School Project will be mentioned at the CBN-MC Gala this fall. The grant check will be mailed in the spring after the CBN Gala.

Click here for the grant application

All applications are due by March 01, 2024  

Essay Scholarships

The Leading Sponsors of CBN have committed to funding scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 for 7th grades students that will attend a Catholic Middle School. The student must submit a 500 word essay on a topic chosen by CBN and judged by our Board of Directors and the Scholarship Committee.

Need Based Scholarships

The Need-Based Scholarship program was initiated by CBN-MC in 2007 through seed money provided by John C. Grimberg Co., Inc. in Rockville. The Scholarships are awarded to Montgomery County Catholic Elementary School students / families with financial, physical or learning challenges. To protect the dignity of the student and family, principals apply for the scholarship on behalf of the student anonymously.

The John C Grimberg Company has again funded two $5,000 Need Based Scholarships and through the additional $48,000 raised at our Awards Gala we will be able to give $58,000 to Catholic Elementary Schools in 2018. 100% of the funds donated for the Needs Based scholarships go to the schools.


Congrats to our winners!

CBN-MC 2023 Annual Scholarship Event

CBN-MC awarded 8 scholarships and recognized a total of 14 students. Thank you to our Sponsors & CBN-MC Members.