Need-Based Scholarship Program

John Treseler, Committee Chairman
John C. Grimberg Company, Inc.

The Need-Based Scholarship was initiated by CBN-MC in 2007 through seed money provided by John C. Grimberg Co., Inc. in Rockville. The scholarships are awarded to Montgomery County Catholic elementary school students/families with financial, physical or learning challenges. To protect the dignity of the student and family, principals apply for the scholarship on behalf of the student anonymously. Donations are made throughout the year with the greatest amount being donated at the Gala during the Live Auction. In 2012, over $42,000 was raised.

As a result of the generosity of these donors, CBN-MC was able to award a scholarship to every applicant in 2013. In fact, CBN-MC has awarded a scholarship to every applicant in the first eight years of this program. Thanks to generous donations by John C. Grimberg Co., Inc., the scholarship committee has been able to award two full tuition scholarships of $5,000 each to two students/families. Thanks to all the donors who made this possible.

CBN-MC is proud to announce that as a result of a donation by John C. Grimberg Co., Inc. again this year, the two full Elementary School Need-Based Scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded for the 2015–2016 school year. CBN-MC is hopeful that this program will be sustained through the generosity of donors during the appeal at the Gala.

2013 Recipients

The recipients of our 2013 Need Based Scholarships are from the following schools:

  • $5,000: Holy Cross School (Lisa Maio Kane) & St. Bernadette's School (Cheri Wood)
  • $2,000: St. Bartholomew School (Kathleen Miller); Little Flower School (Sister Rosemaron Rynn, IHM); St. John the Evangelist School (Sister Kathleen Lannak); Mother of God School (Dr. Andre Leyva & Alice Garvey); St. Martin's School (Sister Sharon Ann Mihm); Saint Francis International School (Tobias Harkleroad); St. John the Baptist School (Marianne Moore); St. Elizabeth's Catholic School (Vincent Spadoni); Mary of Nazareth Catholic School (Michael Friel); & St. Mary's School (Debra Eisel)

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